Privacy Policy

1. Personal information about our customers is gathered and shared by our company for the purpose of delivering or supplying products to customers.

2. Our company is committed to keeping your privacy and personal information protected due to our ethical and legal commitment to comply with any relevant laws, and more importantly, because our company understands that you care how your information may be shared and used.

3. Our company will not sell any personally identifiable information about our customers.

4. As we deal with our customers, we may collect and keep information, including names, contact details, order details and notes on our communication with customers. This information is used for customer service, warranty and delivery purposes and for the purpose of company improvement. This information may be held in hard copy and data storage systems but will only be accessed by contractors or employees that are required to access this information in order to perform their functions.

5. Customers who provide a review of our products through our website or to one of our staff members over the phone, agree to that review or part of that review to be published on our website and used on our social media platforms for marketing purposes.

6. From time to time, we may contact customers for the purposes of marketing new products, accessories or services.